We are lucky enough to work with some pretty clever peeps who also happen to be our friends, maybe that's one of the secrets to us creating legit content for your brand.

— Design + Art

Emily Thiang

Designer of Smith Journal magazine for over four years. Located in sunny Brisbane. Go to lady for - Graphic design, magazine and book design and illustrated patterns.

Olivia Squillari  - Coconut Creative

At coconut creative, they're all about brand continuity, to ensure that everything they create for you is inline with your brand look & feel.

Leu Creative

Are Gold Coast based graphic design studio with over 20 years combined industry experience. With a love of typography, an eye for colour and detail, their unique, diverse, design solutions have shaped clients from street brands to corporate identities. Along the way they have produced work for these creative powerhouses … Cirstra Corporate Indentity, Morrison Media, Peter Sexty Design, Quadrant Creative and Billabong. These years of experience have allowed them to build strong professional relationships with a diverse range of creatives including photographers, illustrators, audio visual producers, writers, web developers, fine artists and access to professional athletes.

Pony Gold Studio
- Rachel Urquhart @raychponygold

Pony Gold is an illustrator and graphic designer from the mid-north coast of NSW, where the magic and power of the surrounding natural world drives her creative practice. With influence from psychedelic poster art, bad tattoos, natural history illustration, vintage t-shirt graphics and antique and pulp book covers, Rachel attempts to draw together the profound and the accessible, to describe the pedestrian magic of the world around us, that is occurring everywhere, all the time.  

Rosie Shelton

Hailing from beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand. After studying Art & Design at University, Rosie took off on her overseas travels and has never looked back, after a foray into the Aussie fashion industry, and a game show appearance (yes, really!), she decided it was time to manifest her own dream.  Launch her own jewellery label La Luna Rose. (Side note Dear Reader) When I asked her for a bio she sent me back this
“I like pretty things and I froth over layouts? FML. Im nervously eating nuts as I try and think of something”
Whats not to love……. 


—  Copywriting

Lulu Wilkinson

It's lucky that Lulu Wilkinson doesn't play favourites because she has carved out a career that bounces seamlessly between creating video/TV content, magazine features, social media campaigns and newsroom content, content strategies and there's even been some merch and licensing deals in there too. Put simply, Lulu believes in creating quality content in the best form for what it needs to do. She loves a challenge and always respects the audience - and she's had the chance to speak to a wide variety of them. Most of all, Lulu believes in the power of excellent storytelling - whether its mission is to sell a product or just spend a great afternoon in the sun, having a banter over a damn good glass of wine. She has an obsession with Netflix and is a great trivia night asset when it comes to the category of "celebrity junk no brain should retain." Her husband and "two peas" Paddy and Piper keep her busy - and very happy.

Tim Baker

Our friend Tim is pretty much everyones favourite human, here are a few nice things others have said about him.

“Tim Baker may well be the most brilliant and incisive surf writer working today, or on any given day for the last twenty years.” worldprosurfers.com

“Baker will make you look at wave riding — and life — in an entirely new light.” Jaimal Yogis, author, Saltwater Buddha

He also put up with me for nearly 4 years as my Editor in chief at Slow Magazine, and let me tell you my grammar and spelling left a little bit to be desired!  - Rach Torti


Kate Veling

Kate Veling is a writer and word smith who has a unique talent for wrangling language and putting things perfectly. She has over 16 years in the publishing industry as a deputy editor, features writer and freelancer and began her illustrious career at Dolly Magazine. She can use her talents for anything word related – content creation, product descriptions, ‘about me’ and bio sections, event guides, feature articles, press releases, interviews, Instagram captions and more. She loves travel writing  and if you want commission her to travel to exotic locations and stay in luxury hotels, that’s totally okay with her. 


— Photography/Styling

Jenna Agius
Capturing precious moments throughout life. I enjoy being able to offer beautiful images to my clients, I know they will be loved. This is what inspires me to keep shooting everyday. 

Mitch Carlin

Mitchell J Carlin- Australian based Photographer. Photographing people, places and all things fun. Lover of cheese and all cheese related activities!


Troy Archer
Troy loves coffee and sucks at giving himself a wrap.

In terms of work, he focus primarily on STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY. He very rarely 'chases light', he almost always bring his own and chooses to work in small spaces to create visually rewarding imagery.
His PHOTOGRAPHY is best suited to your digital campaigns, social content plan, instore POS, anywhere that you're trying to make an impression on your potential customer.  

He can also easily be bribed by chocolate!


Kate Holmes Photography
Kate is an multi award winning freelance photographer from Bangalow, Northern NSW Australia.  She specialises in a diverse range of photography including portraiture, stills photography for film and documentary, fine art photography, architecture, commercial, lifestyle, food, fashion as well as weddings and events.
Kate's work has been published internationally and she is currently exhibiting work at driftlab in Newrybar NSW

— Social Media

Missy Burrell is a journalist, writer and PR consultant with over a decade of experience in television, print and online. 

@mediamissy has worked with some of the country's most epic brands, offering team management, content creation (digital and social), social media audits and strategies, digital experience and app design/management, community management, public relations and educational tutorials/workshops. 

Throw her a follow on Instagram (Missy’s always up for a chat) or connect on LinkedIn.



— Web

The THRIVE team members all have a passion for great design and digital technology. Constantly pushing the limits and exploring new techniques to provide a more seamless and engaging experience for their clients. They love creating unique, clean, custom-designed websites that are simple to navigate.